Launching the DropMining Blog

I’m excited.

Today I’m launching the DropMining blog.

For those of you who don’t know me – I’m Mark Collier from Dublin, Ireland and I only write ground breaking posts.

Essentially I’m a data nerd, programmer who likes to use maths to answer problems.

When I was conducting my research into the Google algorithm which gained significant traction for bringing more data to the table in the SEO industry I got interested in domains. I dabbled buying a few pretty terrible ones at first, but as is always the case with me I was really attracted the the wealth of data in the industry and how poorly it was being used.

I felt that the data provided by drop list services like DropDay and Freshdrop was incorrect and unfocussed – essentially I believe that the value of a domain can primarily be determined by a few well selected data points and that many of the other factors were just noise that added little to the product.

In addition I believe that automatic domain valuation is done absolutely horribly and can be done much better.

I combined my two main ideas and got to work. The idea – a drop list service that offers the right data with domain valuations built in so that users could focus their efforts on the cream of the daily dropping crop and then use their experience, wit and guile to select the domains they wanted to buy.

To accomplish this goal I knew that I would need to conduct significant research into the domain industry, and that’s what this blog is about.

What you can expect…

I have interviewed several leaders in the industry, collected and analysed data on all types of domain sales across 7 platforms, applied economic thought to the domain industry and most importantly come to some incredible findings.

I have developed what I believe to be the first genuinely useful domain valuation algorithm and analysed the biggest portfolios in the industry.

That’s what this blog is about.

Why use the data and findings just to make great software, why not share the learnings with you so that you can make better decisions in your business.

I’ll be posting a ground breaking post every Tuesday and Thursday.

Mostly you can expect to hear about regressions, data and maths but I’ll try to keep it non-technical and mostly about what the learnings are as opposed to what piece of mathematical magic made me particularly happy that week.

Very rarely will I post news – this blog is about bringing data to the domain industry, I don’t want to compete with the multitude of domaining news blogs that already cover the industry so well.

I’ll also be using every chance I get to ask you to sign-up to the pre-launch email list so that I can let you know when the DropMining software will be launching. Without further ado I’d like to share with you my first ground breaking post.