The Data Driven Guide to Website Flipping

I have just completed the most comprehensive study of the website flipping industry ever. I studied 6,500+ sales over several months on the largest website sales marketplace; Flippa. For each sale I gathered 52 data points from revenue and profit to the number of links pointing to the site. The goal of the study was to figure out what impacts the value of a website and thus how you can game the system to maximise your flipping profits. Summary of findings Here’s the major findings from the study: Buying upgrades is likely to provide a...

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Launching the DropMining Blog

I’m excited. Today I’m launching the DropMining blog. For those of you who don’t know me – I’m Mark Collier from Dublin, Ireland and I only write ground breaking posts. Essentially I’m a data nerd, programmer who likes to use maths to answer problems. When I was conducting my research into the Google algorithm which gained significant traction for bringing more data to the table in the SEO industry I got interested in domains. I dabbled buying a few pretty terrible ones at first, but as is always the case...

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